Power Balloon Launch Toy

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✅ Kids will learn some science and physics knowledge when they have fun with this race car. Moreover, it also improves children's exercise ability. Develop your Childs observational and hands-on skills.

✅ Using aerodynamic principles to push the car forward, it is easy to play. The environmentally-friendly materials are harmless and tasteless, and the main body adopts environmentally-friendly ABS plastic material to allow the baby to play with confidence.

✅ Three steps game! Put the balloon in the car and fix it. Suction the balloon as much as possible. Press the release button of the air pump to move the car forward. With downloadable electronic manual.

✅ Colorful, simple operation and a lot of creative ideas. Inspire your child to explore the wonders of science with this toy. Balloons and toy cars are always children's favorites Perfect for as a gift to children or toddlers. It's a great birthday and holiday gift for your children or for the children of your family and friends