Shipping Policy


After you have placed an order, it will be forwarded to the distribution center. There, your order will be carefully checked, the address will be checked and prepared for shipment. The processing process differs per item/order. On average, the processing time is 24-72 hours.

The processing time can be longer for heavy and/or large products/orders, but of course also during busy periods. We work hard to ship orders as soon as possible after payment has been received and according to the agreement.

Country Shipping Time
United States 7-12 days
United Kingdom 5-9 days
France 7-12 days
Germany 5-9 days
Italy 7-12 days
Spain 5-9 days
Netherlands 7-12 days
Belgium 7-12 days
Luxembourg 10-15 days
Ireland 7-12 days
Czech Republic 10-15 days
Estonia 20-25 days
Finland 12-20 days
Hungary 7-12 days
Latvia 7-15 days
Lithuania 7-15 days
Poland 7-12 days
Portugal 7-12 days
Romania 7-15 days
Slovenia 7-15 days
Sweden 8-15 days
Austria 6-10 days
Denmark 7-15 days
Australia 7-12 days
Brazil 20-30 days
Greece 10-15 days
Canada 10-15 days
Switzerland 5-9 days
Norway 10-15 days
Israel 7-15 days
Brazil 15-25 days


For all other countries delivery is 7-30 days.